What i learned from yoga teacher training?

In-person and online training on specialized topics such as internal medicine, orthopedics and more. The trainings last 20 to 55 hours and are suitable for yoga teachers, healthcare providers and those who work with clients. By Erin Magner (200-hour YTT student) for Well+Good. I chose to study with the founder of Yoga Medicine, Tiffany Cruikshank, a former acupuncturist and yoga teacher at Nike headquarters, because her vision of combining yoga and health care fit mine perfectly.

In addition, that particular 200-hour training was partially carried out in Tulum and Hawaii, which made me think that I would also get two vacations out of the agreement. Overview of Therapeutic Specialist programs About our 500 hours About our 1000-hour application. What I learned at yoga beach house when it comes to spirituality is that I can choose not to fall into the challenge when faced with something that doesn't seem logical to me or, to put it bluntly, “too esoteric”. And, above all, Rachel Hanberry showed me that if I remain open and curious I can broaden my horizons and learn, and it might even surprise me.

I now realize that these first experiences with an injury made me aware and personally of the risks of yoga and put safety at the forefront of my concerns as a yoga teacher. That doesn't mean that I won't offer corrections to a student with a high degree of biomechanical knowledge (certainly yoga teachers and physical therapists need help, too, but that I would give them to her in a way that leaves room for her own experience about her own body and the limits of my own knowledge). What makes yoga yoga in its simplest form is the conscious connection of inhalations and exhalations with movements. From the moment I began my career in the media more than a decade ago, I have secretly fantasized about leaving everything behind and becoming a yoga teacher.

Although sometimes this uncertainty can be frustrating for both students and teachers, I try to remind myself that if it didn't depend, if yoga were the same for everyone, teaching it wouldn't be very interesting. During my training as a teacher, a yoga therapy teacher spent a few weekends talking to us about managing injuries. For me, immersing myself in the more spiritual side of the practice has been the most profound part of teacher training, since it's something I hadn't really experienced in my usual rotation of power yoga classes. And she'll be a much better yoga teacher than anyone who talks about self-love, but I wouldn't recognize her naked soul if I found it on the street (well, I really wanted to use this metaphor, bear with me).

These teachers are trained to teach a solid group class that interweaves the physical and philosophical components of practice. It wasn't because I imagined becoming a yoga teacher (for the time being, I didn't), but because it seemed like a good time to deepen my practice and become a full-time student again, with my head standing instead of barrel holders.

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