Is yoga insurance necessary?

No matter how many classes I teach, there is always a risk of an accident or injury. Even the most practicing yogis, with years of experience, can experience an unexpected event at any point in their careers. This point makes yoga insurance a vital tool for any professional yoga teacher. Yoga insurance is necessary to protect the yoga instructor or yoga studio from claims related to injuries during a yoga session.

Regardless of the industry, experts agree that liability insurance is an essential, if not the most important, part of any business plan. The yoga industry is no different. When it comes to the yoga business of your school, studio, or even staff, the risks are too high not to be insured against the possibility of a lawsuit. If you are a yoga instructor operating your business in the state of California, it's imperative that you take out yoga insurance in California to protect your business from potential liability lawsuits.

Buy liability insurance for all your teachers, or make sure they have it when they work in your yoga studio. All yoga insurance companies offer a benefit called “portability,” which allows teachers to change their main job and stay covered. Yoga teachers need liability insurance to stay safe in case a student is injured during class. While the state of California doesn't legally require yoga instructors to have liability insurance in order to teach, the risk of being named in a lawsuit is significant enough to guarantee yoga insurance in California.

Insurance companies know that yoga teachers teach in different settings, and that's why the plans are designed to provide coverage no matter where you teach. Injuries are the main reason why yoga studio owners buy insurance for their teachers or require yoga teachers to buy their own coverage. Yoga teachers go the extra mile to implement safety precautions and learn about pre-existing conditions, but accidents still happen. No teacher wants or expects a student to be injured in their yoga class, but even with proper safety measures, injuries can occur due to a wide range of unpredictable circumstances, including as a result of a student's previous injury or a pre-existing condition.

Companies in other industries take advantage of the protection offered by liability insurance, and your yoga company deserves the same protection, even if you teach yoga regardless of school or studio. These plans are for yoga teachers who own their studio because they combine aspects of general liability insurance and professional negligence insurance. As a yoga instructor, you have your insurance or the insurance of the yoga studio where you teach covers you. If you work as a full-time yoga teacher in a studio, you can change jobs without having to purchase a separate plan.

There are insurance companies that specialize in offering insurance to yoga teachers and cover all styles of yoga and injuries specific to yoga and only serve yoga teachers. Some insurance companies may combine general and professional liability insurance for yoga teachers. Given the high probability of injury during a yoga class, having liability insurance is not only essential but mandatory before starting to teach yoga in a yoga studio.

Alyssa Concannon
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