How long does it take to complete a hatha yoga teacher training program?

Some courses are basic (200-hour level) and others are designed to take advantage of the fundamental knowledge absorbed in the original 200-hour course. The 300-hour program requires a minimum of two years and allows up to 6 years. Most students finish in 2 years. Many students enroll in teacher training simply because they love doing yoga and learning about yoga and want to get the most out of their personal practice.

We offer 200- and 300-hour yoga teacher training programs, plus a two-weekend yoga enrichment program for students in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina metropolitan area, which includes Clemmons, Lewisville and Mocksville. You may want to become an instructor to deepen your personal practice, pass on knowledge to aspiring hatha yoga students, or work full time as a yoga instructor. The Isha Hatha Yoga teacher training program offers classic Hatha Yoga in all its depth and dimension. The Hatha Yoga teacher training program is a comprehensive exploration of the depth and magnitude of Hatha Yoga.

Your yoga teacher training program should be prepared to guide students through a balanced sequence that makes them feel stronger, more flexible and happier. Even if you aspire to teach a different style of yoga, hatha will teach you the correct alignment of the poses that are fundamental to the practice of yoga. Designed by Sadhguru, an accomplished teacher, yogi and profound mystic, this 21-week program is an unparalleled opportunity to train in Hatha Yoga, derived from a yogic tradition that has been maintained in all its sanctity and vitality for thousands of years. In fact, one of these variations is likely to be the one you'll see in your favorite yoga studio, even in your favorite hatha yoga class.

Modern Hatha Yoga is usually a physical practice, which means that teachers must have the necessary knowledge to analyze the poses and understand the transitional movements that form them. Talk to your doctor and share your details with the program director, Valerie Kiser, during the personal interview so that you can anticipate how your state of health could affect your practice of asanas during teacher training. Some dives focus on advanced poses and are designed for teachers who have already completed the 200-hour training. Whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or a complete beginner, hatha yoga has something to offer you.

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