How can i create an effective online presence for my yoga business?

Offering online content is a great way to diversify your yoga business. Busy schedules make it difficult to attend yoga classes longer than an hour, and online classes allow students to practice at home when and for as long as they want. This has made online yoga classes a popular choice for many students. Or maybe you want to create a YouTube channel or stream live online yoga classes, where being an online yoga teacher is your specialty.

For a yoga teacher, this is a wonderful platform to share virtual yoga classes or asana tutorials with current and future students. Completing yoga teacher training and starting teaching yoga classes are just the first of the many steps needed to successfully grow your yoga business. Many yoga teachers overlook the essentials for successfully launching an online yoga course and creating an online yoga business. Not only will you expand your yoga practice with research and learning, but you'll also become a trusted authority for current and potential yoga students.

Any budding yoga teacher and business owner who wants to succeed needs a way to reach potential customers, whether through word of mouth, traditional advertising, networking, etc. They present and launch their online program at a time when you trust that they are the teacher who will help and support you on your yoga journey. You can provide information about the yoga styles you teach, your personal philosophy about meditation and the physical benefits of yoga, the yoga classes you offer, and the location of your studio. My 300-hour training for online yoga teachers, for example, not only delves into more complex yoga topics, but it also describes step-by-step how to launch your yoga brand and create an online audience, just as I did for the last 8 years.

More and more yoga teachers around the world are starting to teach their classes online with the goal of reaching more people and generating more revenue in their businesses: a solid and effective online yoga business strategy. Once you do, you can effectively communicate it to your current and future students through the biography of your yoga teacher. Outside of your yoga website, tools like YouTube and social media can help entrepreneurial yoga teachers share valuable content and reach more students. It's not easy to develop your online presence to showcase your yoga career (whether you're a yoga teacher, you want to become one, a yoga student, a yoga blogger, or a mix of the above), especially if you're not a technology buff.

A yoga website and social media marketing strategy should focus on the yogic values, visions, and philosophies of the yoga instructors involved and their yoga studio. Whether you're teaching yoga classes online or simply publicizing your yoga practice, an Internet website is an important step in building businesses.

Alyssa Concannon
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